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BERNTIERS HEART OF GOLD aka CHANNA is born 18.01.2014. Thanks so musch to Eva and Stefan who gave us this lovely fantastic female.

Musella is the doughter of our Ghianti, our first litter. She is born 05.05.2016


Amici is our families stroke of luck. Her name was given her during a very plaesant dinner at an Italien restaurant. The weither told us what  Amici meant  and the name was given. Friendship is very describing name of this very sosial and lovley bitc. Amici took us by suprise already in the puppy bin. We held her in our arms when she was no more than 2 hourers old and since then she kept a very spesial place into our hearts.She was a selvassured little female.

She loves exhibition and she does everything she can for charming the judge! She needs more time to comply with the merits of Ghianti, but this dosen´t bother her a second. A swiss breeder we met in Bern said it so smashing:" She is the most beatiful of them all- and she knows it. Look at her eyes!
She is born runner and if there is any place for being dirty she is into it. After a normal evening tour Ghianti looks nice and clean, Amici is soaking wet and dirty. Have they been to the same tour, yes, but it dosn´t look like it!

Amicis complete name is Hvalberneres Amici Deeodin and she is born 28.01.2008. She died 04.06.2015


Ghianti is our second Bernese Mountain dog. She came to us a cold February day in 2006. She was a lovely, active puppy and she loved the Kongsberg winter. In the first year we attended  a course for puppies and a basic course. She grew up and has become a very beutiful Bernese with a lovely temperament, a living teddy bear.
We were very proud when she 9 mound old von her first Certificate. We were not less proud when she won her CHAMPION title March in Bergen (NKK int. exhibition) and got BIG 4!

Ghianti is very eager to learn and we are looking forward to doing more obedience training than the bronze medal we won, in fact twice the same day. We had to try the test both of us.

When Amici come to the house Easter 2008 Ghianti has been the perfect big sister and has been showing fantastic care for the little one. Successfully they have grown up and become very good friends, always enjoying each other company.
We feel that Ghianti with her very good temparament and excellent body and movment has all the pre conditions to be a good breeding bitch.

Her complet name is N.UCH Dale Gudbrands Ghianti Baam and she is born 03.01.2006. She died 26.07.2013. We miss her so much.


Eyea arrived on New Year Eve 1998. Though her we started to know the Bernese enviroment and got many to and four legged friends. She was a bit reserved, but she charmed everyone with her blue eye. She was a great soccer supporter when Leiv Fredrik played soccer. She barked everytime there was a goal.She was extra happy when she choud partisipate in the playing and she was very good at catching the ball. Eyea became 7 years old. She was operated 2 years earlier for "Korsbånd". Successesfully there become complications and when she didn´t stand to go for our smal walks she was put to rest.
She died in february 2006

Her complete name was Simitis Eyea
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